Getting Jobs Done

We Help Contractors Grow and Manage Their Construction;Roofing;Remodeling;Storm Damage Restoration Business By Turning an Average Joe into a CEO.


  • Build, Create and Manage Your Operational Processes and Systems
  • Organize Your Company and Your Team
  • Make Workflow Simpler, Cleaner and More Efficient

Is there anything worse than being off-schedule and over budget? Is there any bigger business-killer than a terrible review or bad word-of-mouth? Getting the job done right – on time and on budget – is absolutely critical to your success.

At Average Joes, getting the job done is where the rubber meets the road. We will arrange a One-On-One Consultation to evaluate your organization and give you insight to what you’re doing right and wrong. Haven’t quite built your organization yet? We’ll help you create it with an operational process that’s designed specifically for your needs and your goals.

The key to getting jobs done is to ensure that your operations are so efficient that the optimal amount of time, energy and resources are being devoted to the job and not all of the other stuff. Sales processes, mandatory paperwork filings, invoicing, supply chain…all of these systems must be organized, assigned stakeholders, and placed into a workflow that guarantees each task is being completed on time and by the right person.

This is what Average Joes creates. This is the kind of organization that we can provide for your business. A way to make your workflow cleaner, simpler and more efficient, allowing you to devote your time and your skills towards what you do best: getting the job done.

Areas of Focus

  • Job Execution
    • Follow Up
    • Daily Walks (Quality Safety)
  • Daily Tasks
  • Punch List
  • Final Walkthroughs
  • Dealing with OSHA
  • Managing Compliance and Regulations
  • Administrator Orientation
  • Material Meetings
  • Preconstruction Meetings
  • Creating Material Takeoffs
  • Crew Work Order
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Project Management
    • Projecting Lead Times
    • Capacity Planning

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