Getting More Jobs

We Help Contractors Grow and Manage Their Construction;Roofing;Remodeling;Storm Damage Restoration Business By Turning an Average Joe into a CEO.


  • Build Your Sales Pipeline
  • Grow Your Sales Team
  • Use Marketing and Advertising Effectively

We’re Average Joes, but there’s one thing we know how to do way above average: make money. We know how to go from a $500,000 per year contracting business to a $5,000,000 per year contracting business, without significant increases to staff and overhead. And we want to show you how.

And by show you, we mean show you. Our one-on-one consultations are meant to understand how you do what you do, and then show you how to do it better. We’ll go into the weeds about what it specifically takes to get more jobs, including:

  • How to create sales compensation plans that motivate your team
  • How to hire new sales people and train them to execute efficiently every time
  • The proven ways to manage and set expectations

We’ll show you how to use marketing and advertising effectively – how to find where your clients are and what messages they need to hear to feel comfortable hiring you. This will allow you to:

  • Generate more leads
  • Leverage partnerships with lead generation sources
  • Build a bigger, stronger lead-generating network

Average Joes works with you directly to help build the systems and processes that generate more customers and get more money. Work smarter, not harder, and give yourself a raise while you’re at it!

We Help You With

  • Proposal Creation
  • How to Hold a Measure Call
  • How to Hold a Sales Calls
  • How to Close a Jobs
  • Jobs Handoffs to Your Crews
  • Lead Generation Processes

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    From ‘Good Enough’ to ‘Great’

    Most people would be thrilled just to have a business that just makes ends meet. That’s not you. You’ve put hard work into your operations and achieved something that most people can’t.

    But you’re struggling with what to do next and how to take that next step from Good to Great.

    We can help you take that next step and help you organize, structure, and automate your business so you’re working smarter, not harder, and enjoy your hard-earned success.

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