Managing Back Office Operations

We Help Contractors Grow and Manage Their Construction;Roofing;Remodeling;Storm Damage Restoration Business By Turning an Average Joe into a CEO.


  • Build and Manage Your Administrative Systems
  • Bridge Efficiency Gaps Between Departments
  • Gain “Vision” to the Operation Through Reporting and Data

We know that you didn’t become a contractor to do paperwork, but we also know that it’s part of the job. That’s why Average Joes offers a complete solution to manage all of your back office operations, so you can spend more time doing what you do best…and what you actually enjoy.

We start by building the administrative systems you need to keep all your necessary paperwork organized, completed and filed. Then we manage that system to make sure it’s operating efficiently and effectively, so that it adapts as your company grows. We find the gaps in efficiency that are costing you time and money, eliminate communication breakdowns between departments, and automate the processes for a wide variety of tasks, such as:

  • Sending invoices and following up on payments
  • Mailing warranties
  • Following up with customers
  • Managing your sale team’s proposals and documentation for accounting and estimating

…and all the other office chores that, let’s face it, you’d really rather not be doing.

Managing your back office operations means you have a system in place that automates the processes you typically repeat with each job. Is your accounting software talking to your CRM? Are your calendars being managed and updated? Do you have a workflow procedure that shows who has ownership of every task in the job process? If the answer is “NO” then we can help!

Best of all, Average Joes can show you how to gain insight about your company’s operations through data reporting and mining. We’ll show you where and how you can save time and money in your back office, and convert that extra time into getting more jobs.

Areas of Focus

  • Invoicing
  • Requesting Reviews
  • QA Feedback
  • Closing the Job
    • Paying Commissions
    • Draws as an Owner
    • Referrals
      • Constant Contact
      • Mailing List
      • Thank You Cards
      • Incentivizing Sales Staff
  • Accounting
    • Software
    • Vendors
  • Cash Flow
  • Working with Vendors
  • Growth Planning / Trajectory Planning
    • SMART Goals
    • Executive/Strategic Planning

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