Ongoing Operational Management

We Help Contractors Grow and Manage Their Construction;Roofing;Remodeling;Storm Damage Restoration Business By Turning an Average Joe into a CEO.

Ongoing Business Planning and Operations Management for Contractors

  • Direct Management of Your Operations
  • Routine Follow-up on Systems and Processes
  • Operations Manager “In a Box”

What’s preventing you from getting more jobs? You’re a talented and reputable contractor, your crew is skilled, your work is professional and your sales pipeline is healthy. So, what’s keeping you from getting to the next level in revenue?

Chances are, you’re spending too much time on the mundane administrative work, whether it’s chasing down missing information from sales proposals, handling escalations, managing customer expectations or actually working on your projects. While all of these things are critical to your business’s health and success, we all know that’s NOT what owners need to be doing to step their business up. With our Ops Manager In A Box, we handle those administrative and operational components for your business, giving you more opportunity to be out in your market securing jobs, double checking takeoffs, networking or planning for growth.

Average Joes will create systems and processes that are repeatable based on the type of clients you have or the proposals you need. We’ll sit down with you, take a look at your current operational processes, and design a system that creates efficiencies that will eliminate hours of administrative headaches. We will provide consistent follow-up to fine-tune these systems and make them even more efficient and customized to your specific needs and goals.

With our “Operations Manager In A Box” program, Average Joes provides business planning and operations management for your organization, helping maintain your workflows and systems. We’ll teach you how to modify these systems as your company grows, and provide ongoing support and development of those workflows as your business needs evolve. With less time working IN the business and more time working ON it, you can finally and truly OWN your business!

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