Workshop: Sales Strategies for Building a Seven Figure Roofing Business

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Optimize Your Sales Process – How to Develop Sales Systems and Routines for Your Business, Best Practices to Grow Your Sales Team, and Win More Jobs This Year!

Course Description

Managing sales teams doesn’t have to be hard with the right processes and systems in place to support their growth, define their results, and keep them motivated. This course dives into the ‘how’ of developing your sales process and leveraging it to build and grow your sales team and your profits!

Course Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of consistency in an effective sales process
  • Develop or build a sales process that works with your business
  • Ways to attract, onboard and retain salespeople to grow sales teams
  • Best practices for working with salespeople and how to keep them motivated

Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction and Course Overview

Section 2: Why you need an effective sales process

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: Defining the importance of processes and routines for your business
  • Lesson 2: Understanding the benefits of systems and routines for your sales team
  • Lesson 3: Understanding the repercussions of not having an effective process
  • Section Summary

Section 3: How to develop your sales process

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: Where to start?
  • Lesson 2: What components are the most important
  • Lesson 3: How to implement your new sales process
  • Section Summary

Section 4: How to attract, onboard and train your sales team

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: How to develop a recruiting strategy and defining who to target
  • Lesson 2: Understanding the importance on onboarding and how to do it
  • Lesson 3: Tools to train and educate your team
  • Section Summary

Section 5: How to keep your sales team winning!

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: Understanding the psychology of a sales person
  • Lesson 2: Developing incentives that actually motivate people
  • Lesson 3: Evaluating the right KPIs for growth and how to measure success
  • Section Summary

Section 6: Course Review, Deliverables, Conclusion and Q&A

Appropriate Track(s)

General Business. Sales & Service

Intended Audience

Commercial Contractor, Residential Contractor, Metal Contractor, Owner/CEO/GM

Level of Presentation

Intermediate Content but would be suitable for beginner level student/business owner

Company Size

Small Companies (less than $5M sales)

Workshop Interest

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