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Optimize Your Business – How to Develop Systems, Processes, Routines, and Automations in Your Business

Course Description

Learn to understand and develop your full workflow, how to build processes and systems around it, and how to optimize those processes with automation and sound routines to make your company run smoother, reduce overhead and give you the opportunity to work ON your business and not just IN it!

Course Objectives

  • Learn to define what systems, processes, and routines are and why they are important to your business.
  • How to articulate your full business workflow and visualize the customer interaction from start to finish.
  • Gain the knowledge to develop processes and systems for each phase of your workflow.
  • Learn the ways to automate those processes through leveraging technology and routines

Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction and Course Overview

Section 2: Why are systems and routines important to your business?

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: Defining business systems and routines
  • Lesson 2: How we use systems and routines to stay organized
  • Lesson 3: How effective businesses leverage organization and structure to prosper
  • Section Summary

3. Section 3: Creating the foundation of your core business systems and routines

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: Identify the needs
  • Lesson 2: Create the workflow
  • Lesson 3: Identify the “Owners” of each phase of your workflow
  • Section Summary

4. Section 4: Filling in the details and developing your processes

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: Breaking down your workflow and structuring systems
  • Lesson 2: Bridging systems and routines for consistency
  • Lesson 3: Writing processes and systems that connect
  • Section Summary

5. Section 5: Automations and the roles they can play in your processes

  • Section Intro
  • Lesson 1: What is automation in a process?
  • Lesson 2: Real world examples and practical use applications
  • Lesson 3: How to execute automations in your business

6. Section 6: Course Review, Deliverables, Conclusion and Q&A

Appropriate Track(s)

General Business. Sales & Service

Intended Audience

Commercial Contractor, Residential Contractor, Metal Contractor, Owner/CEO/GM

Level of Presentation

Intermediate Content but would be suitable for beginner level student/business owner

Company Size

Small Companies (less than $5M sales)

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